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M1893.Steven Wilson - Home Invasion In Concert at the Royal Albert Hall 2018 (50G)

Mã phim: M1893
Đạo diễn:
Diễn viên:
Kịch bản:
Size: 50 GB
Ngôn ngữ:
Phụ đề:



BD-1 "Truth" (Intro) 4:17
BD-2 Nowhere Now 4:11
BD-3 Pariah 5:20
BD-4 Home Invasion / Regret #9 10:49
BD-5 The Creator Has A Mastertape 6:23
BD-6 Refuge 7:56
BD-7 People Who Eat Darkness 6:10
BD-8 Ancestral 13:55
BD-9 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here 15:06
BD-10 Permanating 4:16
BD-11 Song Of I 7:11
BD-12 Lazarus 4:11
BD-13 Detonation 11:28
BD-14 The Same Asylum As Before 6:39
BD-15 Song Of Unborn 6:34
BD-16 Vermillioncore 5:08
BD-17 Sleep Together 10:33
BD-18 Even Less 4:09
BD-19 Blank Tapes 3:05
BD-20 Sound Of Muzak 5:11
BD-21 The Raven That Refused To Sing 10:36
Bonus Features (Blu-ray Only) Rehearsal Tracks
BD-22 Routine 9:03
BD-23 Hand Cannot Erase 4:13
BD-24 Heartattack In A Layby 4:23
BD-25 Interview


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