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M1809.Van Morrison - IN CONCERT BBC Radio Theatre 2016 AND Up On Cyprus Avenue 2016 (25G)

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Van Morrison To Release New Live BD,

‘In Concert’, In February 2018




 Van Morrison releases a new live concert film on 16 February 2018 through Eagle Vision. Available on DVD and Blu-ray, In Concert captures Morrison’s intimate 2016 show at the BBC Radio Theatre, as part of the critically acclaimed BBC Radio 2 In Concert series.


In an up-close and personal show, described as “sublime” by Radio Times, Morrison’s rich oaky voice brings musical healing. With the setlist spanning his iconic catalogue, including classic hit ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ as well as ‘Wild Night’, ‘Cleaning Windows’ and new track ‘Keep Me Singing’, this live performance celebrates the Celtic soul troubadour’s 53 years as a musical innovator at the very top of his game.


Bonus features include the Up On Cyprus Avenue concert: a milestone show recorded on Van Morrison’s 70th Birthday in his native Belfast.


Van Morrison - IN CONCERT


To date, Morrison has released 38 studio albums, six live albums, six compilation albums, four video albums and 71 singles. A six-time Grammy Award winner, he also has a knighthood, a Brit, an OBE, an Ivor Novello award, honorary doctorates from Queen’s University Belfast and the University Of Ulster, entry into The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and the French Ordres Des Artes Et Des Lettres. 



The full In Concert tracklist is:

‘Too Late’
‘Magic Time’
‘Wild Night’
Medley: ‘Baby Please Don’t Go’/‘Don’t Start Crying Now ‘
‘Here Comes The Night’
‘Every Time I See A River’
‘Cleaning Windows’/‘Be-Bop A Lula’
‘Let It Rhyme’
‘Whenever God Shines His Light’
‘Sometimes We Cry’
‘Going Down To Bangor’
‘The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword’
‘Keep Me Singing’
‘Carrying A Torch’
‘Brown Eyed Girl’
‘Jackie Wilson Said’
‘In The Garden’

Bonus Concert: ‘Up On Cyprus Avenue’
‘Cyprus Avenue’
‘Celtic Swing’
‘Cleaning Windows’/‘Be-Bop A Lula’
‘Days Like This’
‘Precious Time’
‘Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child’
‘Baby Please Don’t Go’/‘Parchman Farm’/‘Don’t Start Crying Now’
‘It’s All In The Game’
‘Burning Ground’
‘Whenever God Shines His Light’
‘And The Healing Has Begun’

‘On Hyndford Street’ 



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