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M1724.Gretchen Wilson - Still Here for the Party 2013 (25G)

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In May of 2004, Gretchen Wilson celebrated the release of her record setting Here For The Party album with several hundred of her closest friends at the famous St. Louis Pageant Theatre. On October 15, 2013 Gretchen returned to The Pageant to perform the groundbreaking album in its entirety for the first time. The one-night-only event was recorded for a live STILL Here For The Party BLURAY/DVD and AUDIO CD release to commemorate the albums 10-year Anniversary. Filmed in HD, multi-track audio recorded, this project contains 2 bonus tracks. This concert contains priceless interviews and outtakes from label presidents, managers, and several others who were there for Gretchen’s explosion onto the music scene.


Gretchen Wilson ‎– Still Here For The Party

Redneck Records ‎– RDNK210
All Media, Album 


1 Here For The Party  
2 Homewrecker  
3 When I Think About Cheatin'  
4 When It Rains  
5 Holding You  
6 Chariot  
7 What Happened  
8 Pocahontas Proud  
9 The Bed  
10 Redneck Woman  
  Bonus Features:
11 All Jacked Up  
12 Rock N Roll  
13 Outtakes




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